Class Offerings

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Our studio offers a variety of classes. Some are taught in 6 week sessions (which means the class meets for 6 consecutive weeks on the same day and time). We also offer Drop in Classes which are ongoing!

Drop in Classes: Our studio offers Drop in classes every day except Friday!

Join us weekly for dance and fitness classes at AFBD!

Belly Dance: Join us for Drop in Belly Dance where we focus on the essentials of belly dance technique and teach you a few fun combinations to some of the most popular Middle Eastern and World music to take home with you!  Our Belly Dance classes are designed for a variety of levels! Whether you are new to belly dance, or have been taking classes for years, our variety of classes offer something for everyone!

Level I: Introduction to Belly Dance, recommended for all new students to our studio. It provides students with the opportunity to learn basic moves and discover the beauty of this incredible art form.  No previous dance experience is required.  Students will learn the technique required for basic arm, hip and body moves, then put it all together in a fun and usable choreography to some of the best music the Middle East has to offer.  It’s a great introduction to the world of belly dance!

Level II: These classes are appropriate for students who have mastered the steps taught in Level I and have sincere interest in learning to perform.  In addition to learning basic belly dance movements, the class includes dance combinations and the fundamentals of executing dance steps with accuracy, flexibility, grace, poise and smooth transitions.

Level III: These classes are for the high intermediate to advanced dancer and focus on more intricate movements, layering movements and advanced combinations. Mixed Level ClassesSuitable for all level dancers. Some movements are versatile with “beginner” options as well as more complex options (i.e. layering, level changes, and speed) suitable for the experienced dance.

Drop in Belly Dance Technique and Combos: Great low impact aerobic workout incorporating belly dance movements to a pop, hip hop and Middle Eastern music!  This class is designed to build strength, muscle control, balance, flexibility, and endurance, while breaking down basic belly dance movements, and dance combinations. Drop in and drill moves from basic to complex layering, while enjoying some of the hottest Middle Eastern music!

Cardio Shimmy: A belly dance fitness class fusing the hottest Belly Dance moves to Pop, Hip Hop, and Middle Eastern dance hits!! Fitness meets Belly Dance in this high intensity class! The class will work your abs, obliques, lower body and more. You will walk away burning hundreds of calories in this class!

Hoop Fitness: You may not have touched one since you were 10, but this fun hula hoop is a bona fide piece of workout equipment that can tone your thighs, abdominals, glutes, and arms. And it’s just as much fun as you remember! Join us for an hour of fitness! Hoops will be available to use in class or bring your own! Studies show that just 30 minutes of hooping burns up to 300 calories!  Join us for an exhilirating workout to the best of World music where you can burn up to 600 calories!

Buti Yoga: A female-centered workout that combines Vinyasa flow with Tribal dance and plyometrics, all done to AfroBeat, Dancehall, and other global upbeat rhythms. Think structured twerking, bellydance, HIIT, and yoga all in one! No class is the same, since moves are based on the feel of the music and the energy of the instructor and class!!

Zumba Fitness: Join us for Latin Heat! Move to the beat for an hour of thrilling Merengue, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Salsa, Belly Dance, Bhangra, and Dance Hall music! Perfect for everybody and every body! Each Zumba® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on. We end it all with an optional 5 minute ab workout!

Cuban Salsa (coming soon): Whether you’re learning your first basic or have been burning up the dance floor for years, we have something for you

Power Pilates (coming soon): Power Pilates is open to all fitness levels. Pilates is an excercise system of movements that uses the mind and body to enhance muscular strength, improve flexibility and overall health and wellness. It requires control of your own body to properly execute a few repetitions during exercise. It also develops subconcious habits of coordinated movements, core stability, enhanced posture which improves activities of daily living.

Adult Ballet (coming soon!): Adult ballet is the perfect way to either start ballet again after many years, or to learn the ballet curriculum. No registration, prior experience or knowledge is necessary to participate. The objective of this class is to provide an understanding of body placement and introduce ballet technique and terminology. You will experience the exciting challenge of mastering intricate footwork, versatile dance combinations, dynamic turns, and exciting airborne movements. Each class will begin with a light warm up to loosen muscles and joints, followed by barre work to engage muscles and increase posture and stance for ballet , and progress through to center work. (Yes free standing barres will be available at the studio!)

Hip Hop (Coming soon):  Our Hip Hop class provides a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment, and offers a new set of combinations and routines every time.

Barre Fitness (coming soon): If you've never experienced a "barre workout" which is designed to give you a long lean, dancer-like physique, you must give this a try! Step up to the barre with us! All fitness levels welcome! In this 45 minute class, you will experience a full body workout! Each class begins with a warm up to work on posture, strength and alignment followed by a variety of low impact upper body excercises. We then take it to the barre to sculpt lower body and abs. Class ends on the mat with a fitness ball for core work and a relaxing stretch!