8:00pm Belly Dance Buffet 6-week course

Belly Dance Buffet! 6-week course with guest instructor Beatrice
Hungry for some variety???? We're serving shimmies and all you can belly dance in this next 6-week course! Hungry for some variety???? Each week, Beatrice will select signature moves, from Suhaila Salimpour technique or Jamila stylization, and create a Level 1 (beginner) combination inspired by these moves. You will drill the technique and stylization and then apply what you learned through the combo. Each week, you will get a different taste of the breath of knowledge that the Salimpour school has to offer, and it should open your appetite for more! Her goal is to share with you a 6-course sample tasting menu from the infinite curriculum of the Salimpour School!
Everything you need to know about Belly Dance will be introduced in this class. The "Menu du Jour" includes technique, to stylization, to layering, to dance movement, and more! Join Beatrice for a buffet of Belly Dance!
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