Turkish Delight Workshops with Ozgen!

We're excited to host Ozgen on his US tour! Based in London, this native Turkish Belly Dance Star promises to bring us a unique dance experience!
Turkish Delight at AFBD Sunday June 30, 2019 10am-7pm
10am-12pm Turkish Romany Technique
12pm- 1pm Lunch
1pm-3pm Turkish Orientale
5pm-7pm Hafla and Dinner with Ozgen!
Turkish Romany Technique and Combinations
The Turkish Romany (also referred to as Gypsy) people were the most famous street performers during the Ottoman Empire. Turkish Romany dance is often referred to as "the mother of Turkish Oriental dance" In this workshop Ozgen will focus on the technique and stylization of Turkish Romany dance. He will discuss Romany culture and history and teach some signature moves in a 9/8 rhythm.
Turkish Oriental:
Learn the energetic, fiery and dramatic Turkish Belly Dance stylization! From dynamic shimmies, to passionate spins to sharp isolations! Ozgen pulls from his roots to teach you amazing Turkish Oriental technique and combinations!
About Ozgen:
Ozgen is an internationally acclaimed Turkish dancer, teacher, choreographer and director.  Specializing in Turkish Oriental and Romany (Gypsy) dance, Ozgen is keen to promote the Turkish form of Belly dancing to global audiences, and to further establish himself as one of the best Oriental performers in the world. He is regularly invited to give workshops in Britain and abroad, and to perform at international dance events and Belly dance festivals across Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Ozgen also offers private instruction to dancers of all levels, from beginners to professional dancers, as well as choreographing dance routines for events and music videos. 
Born in North Cyprus, Turkey, Ozgen’s introduction to dance came during primary school, where he was taught Turkish folk dancing. Quickly getting the dance bug, he practiced weekly and soon joined his local amateur group, which led to performances across the TRNC and in Turkey. Showing natural talent from an early age, he was courted by other local dance groups.
After several years dancing in Night of the Sultans, Ozgen turned to Turkish dance legend Tolga Han for further development. As Turkey’s first Latin and modern dance performer, Han introduced Ozgen to many more contemporary and Oriental forms of dance, as well as coaching him through his professional dance teacher training course. Once fully qualified, Ozgen joined Tolga’s dance school full-time, giving lessons to a wide variety of students, including some well-known Turkish singers. His freestyle dance routines and celebrity contacts helped propel Ozgen into the Turkish mainstream – he was asked to choreograph and perform in music videos for Turkish pop stars, as well as appear on popular Turkish TV programmes.
Getting itchy feet, Ozgen felt it was time to try something new and travelled to Europe. He initially visited Holland before settling in the UK. Lacking British contacts, Ozgen didn’t do any dancing during his first year in the UK. He was introduced to Expressions Studios by a friend, where he started to give Oriental dance classes. Soon after, Ozgen was invited to perform at Planet Egypt, an important monthly London belly dance showcase featuring the UK’s leading performers. Having wowed the audience that night, news about this hot new talent quickly spread through the dance scene propelling Ozgen to instant Belly dancing fame
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