Social Media for Performers with Magnolia

Saturday October 5, 2019 12:30pm-2:00pm! Join us in person at AFBD or online!

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook oh my!!! Tackling the Social Media beast is pretty scary, especially as a performing artist. How do you reach your audience? Which content do you post where? Which hashtags should you use? The questions are endless! In this lecture Magnolia dives into the heart of it all. Topics of discussion will include audience engagement, content building, editing, algorithms, and consistency. Come learn some of the secrets to using social media to get more gigs, recognition as an artist, build a community and share your passion.

About Magnolia!

Magnolia's elegant and powerful modern Oriental style is the result of years of dedication to belly dance. Magnolia's performances engage and delight audiences with a mix of classical and modern techniques that include floorwork, double veils, drum solos, and much more!

Magnolia's belly dance education began with classical Egyptian style. Over the last decade, she has expanded her studies to include Persian, Tribal fusion, Turkish, and modern fusion styles of belly dance. Her skills as a harpist give her a deep introspective connection to rhythm and music. Magnolia's combination of technique, passion, authentic emotion, and musicality are why she is becoming a sought after professional performer and instructor in Atlanta and beyond. 

Magnolia is available for private lessons, workshops, and choreography critiques. With a B.S in biology and real world teaching experience from college to middle school students, she has the educational background to help you accomplish your dance goals.