Intro to Fire with Maddie!

On Saturday May 4th one of Atlanta's Premier Belly Dance and Fire Artist MADDIE presents us with 2 amazing workshops!

Saturday May 4th 12pm-1pm Intro to Belly Dance with FIRE! (1 hour, All Levels)

This workshop is ideal for fire belly dance beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Maddie will walk through every belly dance fire prop in her arsenal and explain what type of fuel to use, how to fuel, what fueling and safety accessories are necessary, and what space and costuming requirements are ideal for all props. (Belly Dance Fire Prop Matrix will provided to all students!) Students will have an opportunity to touch and play with all fire props (unlit), as well as learn how to safely and responsibly perform with them. Fire safety precautions and emergency scenarios will be discussed, as well as choreography techniques that will maximize the impressiveness of the prop while keeping the dancer safe and comfortable. This class is a terrific tutorial for not just Belly Dancers, but also Burlesque, Circus, Flow Artists, and Variety Show entertainers! ***EXCITING EXTRA: Maddie will show you how to make fuel for COLORED FLAMES for candle tray, both GREEN and PURPLE!!!!***

Saturday May 4th 1:30pm-3:30pm  Intro to Belly Dance with Tray of Candles! (2 hours, All Levels) 

This workshop is Maddie's most popular workshop, and is one of her favorites to teach! Students will learn the technique and choreography of belly dancing with a tray of candles. The workshop begins with safety and fueling basics, continues with simple balancing exercises, and progresses into combinations, transitions, traveling steps, and even floorwork! Students will learn everything they need to create a beautiful candle tray balancing performance! Students are welcome to provide their own candles and trays, OR they may also borrow and/or purchase trays and candles from Maddie (She has a TON of these!) This class is geared towards Belly Dancers, but could also be terrific for Burlesque, Circus, Gogo, Flow Artists, and Variety Show performers! 



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