7:30pm Fusion Technique & Choreography

Fusion Flow Technique & Choreography 6-week Belly Dance Course with Jenny!
Mondays 4/8-5/13 7:30pm-9:00pm! 
Join her for 6-weeks of fusion technique and choreography created just for this class! In Fusion Flow, you'll embody power in motion as you fuse elements of Tribal, Hip Hop, and Contemporary into a seamless flow while improving your belly dance technique. If you haven't seen Jenny's pop locks and gooey combos, you are in for a treat! 
We're excited to welcome Jenny the AFBD family who will be teaching Fusion Belly Dance courses on Monday nights! Our beloved Charlie moves across the country to Santa Monica, California in April and we're grateful that Jenny has accepted our invitation to continue this course offering! Learn more about Jenny here!