12:00pm Professional Belly Dance 101: The Basics of Gigging

A group of us Atlanta-area Belly Dancers have teamed up to develop a series of workshops and seminars to help prepare dancers for restaurant dancing, private/corporate events, festivals and more!
Collectively, this group has decades of experience and lessons-learned to share with anyone interested in dancing (belly dancing) professionally!
Join us for these fun and interactive workshops with Aziza Nawal, Erin Karmelita, Faaridah, Fatin, Kalinka, Maddie, Magnolia, Marya, Morgan, Zaina Zahra! Each month will build on the last but introduce a new topic!
Our first session kicks off with Aziza Nawal who will provide you with a guide to restaurant performances! From costuming, to working the room, to music selection and understanding the restaurant business, Aziza will provide you with a great overview to get you started
Following our January session: **dates will be announced soon!!**
February - Erin will help you get ready for your gig: Make up and hair essentials! Morgan will walk us thru contract negotiations and Kalinka will help you prep your gig bag!
March- is All About Props! Fatin and Margaret/Marya will teach you fun combos for restaurant dancing, and Madeline and Erin will teach you how to use fire props and fire safety!!
April - Sccial Media for Belly Dancers with Magnolia
May - Deep Dive into Musicality with Dee/Aziza