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When and where do classes meet? 

As we work on reopening our physical studio, classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays take place at A.R.E.A Atlanta 2303 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta GA 30309. All classes also meet via Zoom!


What should I wear to class?

For Belly Dance classes, you should wear something comfortable that allows you to move. Most students wear a t-shirt, crop top, tank top or sports bra, yoga pants, or harem pants with a coin sash or hip scarf. Footwear: barefeet, soft soled dance shoes such as pedinis, or soft toe ballet slippers.

For Zumba, and other fitness dance classes we suggest you wear comfortable aerobic attire! 

Where do I fit?

  • LEVEL 1 –Also called Beginner, Belly Dance Fundamentals, Belly Dance 101 and Belly Dance Essentials. True beginner, no previous belly dance experience or anyone new to our studio
  • LEVEL 2 – Also called HardCore! Have taken some belly dance, Competency in basic techniques (mayas, undulations, shimmies, figure 8’s, & traveling moves). High beginner to Intermediate.
  • MIX LEVEL- Open to all levels

What is Mixed Level? (This description applies to mixed level choreography courses)

Mixed level courses are intended for intermediate students and beginners who have attended at least one other belly dance class, but students of all levels are welcome. 
The classes are structured a bit differently in order to accomodate everyone.  Most technique will be broken down in detail in the first two classes for the benefit of the beginners.  More advanced students may choose to skip this, but are encouraged to attend.  Intermediate students will be given suggestions to make the the technique work level appropriate.  For example, they may be asked to work on their weaker side, or they might work on layering shimmies on top of previously mastered technique.

What makes this studio special?

Our studio is offers a fusion of many dance styles! From Middle Eastern Dance to Transnational Fusion, to Latin Fitness, and Ballet (coming soon), we have a variety of options to keep you moving! It is a place where we hope you find a home! A warm and loving environment where everyone belongs.

What is the “Fusion” in Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance?

Our studio is a fusion of many styles of dance, culture, and expression. It is also a fusion of sisters, coming together again for the love of dance.

How do I sign up for classes?

Click here for Tuition page!

If I am attending a workshop, what are some area hotels?

 We recommend hotels in Midtown Atlanta or the Galleria Mall area off of Cobb Parkway. Please keep in mind, Midtown hotels normally do not offer free parking. Hotels near the Galleria Mall normally offer free parking and it is not too far away from the studio. Traffic tends to be heavy during rush hour so please plan accordingly


What are the different styles of Middle Eastern Dance offered at AFBD?

In our studio we teach a fusion of Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, FatChance Belly Dance Style, Folkloric or Beledi Egyptian style…(to name a few) At AFBD we teach all of these styles as well as incorporate element from many other styles of dance. We also offer workshops focused on Salsa, and a variety of Ethnic Dance styles including Bollywood, Bhanghra and more!

What are the health benefits of belly dancing?

Belly Dancing is a great cardio-vascular exercise and helps increase flexibility with an emphasis on the torso or ‘core muscles’. It is suitable for all ages and body types and can be as physical as you choose to make it.
Individuals would be wise to consult a doctor before starting belly dance, just as with starting any new exercise routine. It is also advised that one speak with the instructor to see what level her classes are geared for.  Research also shows mental health benefits to Belly Dancing! For many belly dancers, belly dancing improves sense of well being, elevates body image and self-esteem as well as an overall positive outlook that comes with regular, enjoyable exercise.

Do I have to expose my belly?

No. Even when performing, many professional dancers keep their abdominal area covered.

Is it okay to belly dance while pregnant?

Consult your physician but in most cases the answer is Yes! Bellydance is a low impact exercise, excellent for toning muscles used in childbirth.

Will Belly Dancing help me lose weight?

If you’re looking for a good work out, try our  weekly Zumba classes or cardio belly dance when offered! While our choreography classes might not give you rock hard abs, it is a great start to a healthier lifestyle. Belly Dancing helps strengthen muscles and increase stamina. Belly Dancing is a wonderful way to learn to express yourself through movement.

Is Belly Dancing hard to learn?

Not necessarily. With regular consistent attendance in class, you discover new ways of moving your body. Some movements will be easy, otherswill require more practice and concentration. It becomes easier the more you practice.

I’ve been taking beginning classes for a while and I feel I am ready to move to intermediate/advanced classes. How will I know if I’m ready?

If you feel it is time to advance, try a higher level class and ask the instructor to tell you if she thinks you are ready. We offer several mixed level classes.

I’ve been taking classes for several years but never took some of the fusion classes you offer (i.e Polynesian, Hula, etc…). Should I take a beginner class?

If you’ve never been exposed to some of these styles, feel free to take a beginner class! Some of the classes we offer are very different from the traditional belly dance class plus we all could use a refresher from time to time!

What are Zills/sagat?

Zills, as they are called in Turkey, or sagat in Arabic language, are finger cymbals. They are small cymbal shaped pieces of metal that are attached to the hands, they are instruments when struck together. They are
not only used by dancers but in Arabic orchestras as well. There are several different patterns/rhythms which we teach at our studio.

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