7:30pm 8-week Intermediate Level Belly Dance Choreography

In this (8) eight week course, award winning choreographer and international instructor, Amani Jabril, will teach movement from her own signature style of Egyptian raqs sharqi. Focusing on elegant combinations as well as a deeper technical knowledge of the movement and music structure, students will “take away” a beautiful choreography to the classic song “Gana Al Helwa”. Technique and musicality will be stressed in this class!

8-week course is $65 in advance, or $90 day of class. Drop in for $12 in advance or $15 day of class. Use your All Access Pass. Please note, Aziza Nawal returns Thursday September 21!)

About Your Instructor –

Amani Jabril - As both a working anthropologist and professional dancer, Amani will offer a practical, street-smart view of not only the technical aspects of music and movement but of the culture and the motives from which the dance, as cultural expression is created.

Featured on the cover of the Mazaag debut album, Amani Jabril is an award-winning choreographer and is currently teaching internationally with workshops scheduled around the United States, Europe and the Middle East. She was honored to have been invited to teach at the 2017 Egyptian Dance Festival, Cairo, Egypt; 2016 Aladdin’s Oriental Festival, Bonn, Germany, 2015 Leylah Masriya Festival in Cairo, Egypt; 2011 and 2012 at the Amani Oriental Festival in Beirut, Lebanon and to have been invited to assistant teach during the 2011 US tour of Master Mahmoud Reda.

Awarded 2010 Best Newcomer by Nafoura International Bellydance Magazine, Amani has trained in dance and drama, and has studied and performed extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Best known for her fluid and deeply sensual style of dance, Amani Jabril has built her reputation as an adept instructor and an inspired performer on delivering stellar dance technique combined with the heart and soul of the Middle East.